Our Fintech Products

OPUS is a premier software development company with a specialized focus on fintech solutions. With over a decade of experience, OPUS has established itself as a leader in the financial technology sector, serving a diverse range of clients both locally and internationally. Renowned for its innovative approaches and cutting-edge solutions, OPUS is dedicated to providing its clients with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of financial services, driving growth and efficiency in an ever-evolving digital world.

conventional banking

Conventional banking software helps regular banks work smoothly. It lets banks handle money, loans, and customer accounts easily through computers and the internet. This software does many things like keeping track of money, helping customers online, and making sure the bank follows rules. It makes banking faster and helps banks serve their customers better.

Islamic banking

Islamic banking software is special because it follows Islamic rules. It doesn’t use interest, which Islamic law doesn’t allow. Instead, it helps with different ways of banking like sharing profits and buying and selling things in a way that’s fair. This software helps Islamic banks offer services that fit with Islamic beliefs, like saving money, buying homes, and investing without breaking religious rules. It makes sure everything is done right and helps customers in a way that respects their faith.


Microfinance banking software is made for small banks that give tiny loans to people who don’t have much money. This software helps these banks keep track of small loans and savings in a simple way. It lets people in far places bank on their phones or computers. The software makes banking easy for everyone, even if they have never used a bank before. It helps with giving out loans, saving money, and teaching customers how to use their money wisely.

conventional banking

Software for a smarter banking experience.

Embrace the future of banking with ASPER Digital Banking Solution. Our platform delivers a comprehensive suite of digital services, providing a seamless, personalized banking experience. Drive digital adoption and customer loyalty with ASPER, your partner in digital transformation.

ASPER Core Banking Solution redefines banking technology. Our platform offers unparalleled stability, scalability, and performance, empowering banks to deliver superior customer service. Innovate and grow with ASPER, where tradition meets technology.

Unlock agility in banking with ASPER Lean Core Middleware Solution. Our lightweight, flexible platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling rapid innovation. Stay ahead in a competitive landscape with ASPER.

Real Time Gross Settlement System

It is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable car parking Management ideal System for managing RTGS. It can be maintaining efficiently and reliably provides irrevocable clearing and settlement of financial transactions between Central Banks and 

Loan Origination System

Lightbox Loan Origination System (LOS) is a software platform that financial institutions employ to automate and manage loan origination. It simplifies the lending application, credit analysis, documentation, verification, underwriting, compliance, and reporting processes.

Simplify your customer onboarding with harmony, the ultimate e-KYC Solution. Designed for efficiency and compliance, our platform ensures a seamless, secure, and swift verification process. Embrace digital transformation and enhance your customer experience with harmony.

Transform your credit rating process with CREDIT GENIE. Our cutting-edge solution leverages advanced algorithms to provide accurate, real-time credit assessments, empowering financial institutions to make informed lending decisions. Streamline your operations and 

Transform your banking experience into an effortless adventure of precision and security. Dive into seamless transactions and holistic financial management with bioLINK, where cutting-edge efficiency meets innovative banking solutions. Unlock a new era of digital banking excellence today.

Revolutionize your financial security with AML DEFENDER – the Anti-Money Laundering Solution by OPUS. Ensure unparalleled protection and compliance in your operations, embracing innovation and efficiency in combating financial crime.

Islamic banking

 Sharia-compliant software solutions

Transform your Islamic banking experience with ARISH Islamic Digital Banking Solution. Our platform offers a suite of digital services tailored to the needs of Islamic banking customers, ensuring a secure, convenient, and Sharia-compliant banking journey. Innovate with ARISH, where tradition embraces technology.

ARISH Islamic Core Banking Solution brings you the best of technology aligned with Sharia compliance. Our solution supports Islamic banks in delivering ethical, efficient, and innovative banking services. Build trust and grow your customer base with ARISH, where finance serves faith.

Streamline your Islamic banking operations with ARISH Islamic Lean Core Middleware Solution. Designed for flexibility and compliance, our platform facilitates seamless integration and efficient process management. Enhance your operational agility and compliance with ARISH.


 Empowering microfinanciers with technology that scales

Microfinance Banking System

Accelerate your microfinance operations with TURBO. Our robust solution is tailored for microfinance institutions aiming to scale up efficiently. With advanced analytics and streamlined processes, TURBO enables you to deliver exceptional service, driving financial inclusion and transforming lives.

Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution

HASHIR revolutionizes Islamic microfinance with a solution that aligns with Sharia principles. Our comprehensive platform supports ethical banking practices, offering microfinance institutions the tools to expand their services inclusively. Empower communities with HASHIR, where finance meets faith.