Lightbox Loan Origination System (LOS) is a software platform that financial institutions employ to automate and manage loan origination. It simplifies the lending application, credit analysis, documentation, verification, underwriting, compliance, and reporting processes.
Lightbox is a full-featured, 100% cloud-based enterprise LOS that is forward-thinking. It is intended to meet all of your daily origination requirements, such as borrower involvement (Point-of-Sale), team interactions, processing, document management, and connectivity to your preferred service providers. It has been time-tested by hundreds of pleased brokers and lenders in both startups and larger organizations, and it is always evolving to provide you with the most up-to-date technology.
Lightbox is a complete end-to-end digital lending platform that has been happily serving financial institutions for loan products such as personal loans, business loans, vehicle loans, insurance loans, term loans, gold loans, and any customized loans that lenders require. Loan Origination System, Loan Management System, Accounting, and Reports & Dashboards are among the features. It is a digital lending solution that is automated and customizable, with seamless and scalable integrations that meet the demands of every lender.

Features of Lightbox Loan Origination System

Variable Underwriting Criteria

Variable underwriting criteria is important in an automated system because it allows for these uses of discretion to be programmed into the system to ensure that consumers still get the best possible offer in most situations.

Security & Confidentiality

In the lending industry, your clients will regularly trust you with highly sensitive information, thus making it your responsibility to protect it at all costs and only share access with key stakeholders.

Online Loan Applications

Consumers value being able to apply for financing on their own time, without having to deal with any pressure from an employee.

Holistic APIs & Integrations

every business software we rely on arrive with the ability to not only effectively communicate with the user but also with other applications that is regularly relied on.

Comprehensive Analytics

LOS solution provides comprehensive analytics to give lenders access to all of their key metrics and preferably a customizable dashboard that makes it easy for each individual lender to see exactly the metrics they want to see the moment they pull it up., and your inventory, all in one place.

What we offer?