Our Products

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

Elpida ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a comprehensive system that connects and controls a company’s numerous business operations and services. It aids in the streamlining and  

Microfinance Banking System

A complete end‐to‐end, scalable and pre‐configured core microfinance system that allows you to deliver exceptional microfinance services, enhance customer satisfaction and agility,

HR & Payroll Management System

Opus Technology Limited’s Goldfish is a top-rated HR software that may help to attract, hire, and onboard new hires, offboard retiring employees, manage employee information, and time off – all from a one platform.  

Accounting Management System

Jason built to turn your financial documentation into a digital one with the help of your computer so that you get all the accurate and fast reports regarding the condition of your business.

Supply Chain Management System

Dostavi supply chain management system is built to help you efficiently control your supply chain management system to operate very smoothly without interference with the touch of your fingers digitally.

Customer Relationship Management System

Umbrella – Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is a software tool or platform designed to help businesses manage their interactions and relationships with customers.

Management System

Grow inventory management system software will help you handle your stock levels very digitally and efficiently. We promise you will never run out of stocks because it will always remind you.

Fixed Asset Management System

Windfall fixed asset management system software gracefully scales from single user to enterprise applications, and provides unprecedented access while maintaining total control of centralized data.

Loan Origination System

Lightbox Loan Origination System (LOS) is a software platform that financial institutions employ to automate and manage loan origination. 


Real Time Gross Settlement System

It is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable car parking Management ideal System for managing RTGS. It can be maintaining efficiently and reliably provides irrevocable 

Mobile Internet Banking System

mobile internet banking solution refer to applications or software platforms designed for smartphones and other mobile devices that allow users to perform 

Visitor Management System

It is a complete management of your organization with a complete visitor tracking solution with a visitor’s management system that works with intelligent 

VAT Management System

OVAT process VAT through Purchase and Sales transaction of raw materials and finish goods. This is not only applicable for manufacturing, trading and Service types of organization but also included small 

Chatbot Solution

TOTA AI Chatbot is a system software platform that helps users to find answers for their queries using AI. The Chatbot system will offer the users the assistance they need in accordance with the needs of the

Club Management System

Club management software, often known as club membership software, is a platform that enables clubs to manage their memberships, payments, activities,

Meeting Room Booking System

It is a complete management of your organization with a complete visitor tracking solution with a visitor’s management system that works with intelligent 

Point of Sale System

A POS System generally includes the following components: POS software, computer, monitor, credit card reader, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer. It performs all of the same functions of a cash register, but doesn’t stop there.

School Management System

Our company “Opus Technology Limited” provides OLIVER To build an Integrated and Automated Central School Management Software for your esteem school, we invite you to take advantage

Approval Management System

The “FLUX” Workflow Approval Management module allows business users to configure the conditions for routing and approval. Through the Unity interface (versus the administrative intense 

Transport Pool Management System

A TMS is an integral component of a mission-critical supply chain execution (SCE) suite of applications A TMS typically sits between an ERP or Order Management System Warehouse Management System The ERP

Vendor Management System

“PARTNER” Vendor Management System, a comprehensive solution designed to optimize vendor management processes for successful organizations in corporate, commercial, 

Restaurant Management System

Discover the power of a Restaurant Management System, a specially designed POS software crafted for the foodservice industry. Seamlessly capture transactions, manage inventory with precision, 

Online Training Portal

We offer the best Online Training Portal (OTP) Software which is adaptable for most of the Industries and Academic Institutions all over the world. The software includes various online portals, it will act as a centralized