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Transforming Citizen Engagement: The OPUS Collaboration and Bangladesh's Online General Diary Service

Citizen engagement with law enforcement is crucial for building trust and ensuring public safety. In Bangladesh, the Online General Diary (GD) service is playing a pivotal role in bridging this gap by allowing citizens to report non-emergency incidents conveniently and securely. OPUS is a proud technical collaborator with the Bangladesh Police and is honored to contribute to the continuous improvement and advancement of this innovative service.

What is the Online General Diary (GD) Service?

Launched in 2020, the Online GD service empowers citizens to file General Diaries (GDs) for issues like lost documents, theft, harassment, and property damage, directly through a user-friendly website and mobile app. This eliminates the need for physically visiting police stations, saving time and resources for both citizens and police personnel.

How to Submit a General Diary (GD) Online:

  • Step 1:

Begin by accessing the Registration tab. Enter your National Identity Card Number, current address, and capture a live photo. Provide your mobile number (which will serve as your username), email (if available), and create a password.

To verify your identity, a one-time code (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number via SMS. Enter this code accurately.

Once verified, proceed to the login page. Click on “login with your mobile number” and enter the password created during registration.

  • Step 2:

Choose the type of complaint you wish to file and specify the district and police station relevant to your case. Provide the time and location of the incident, then click the “Next” button.

  • Step 3:

Furnish additional details about your current address and the events surrounding the complaint. If there are any relevant documents, you can attach them here. Submit your complaint by clicking the “Submit” button or make edits as needed by selecting the Edit option. After completing the application, you can monitor the status of your GD by logging in later.

OPUS Role in the Collaboration:

Our collaboration with the Bangladesh Police focuses on several key areas:

Technical Expertise – Going Beyond Support:

    • Platform Development: OPUS is not just offering technical support, but actively contributing to the platform’s evolution. This could involve suggesting and implementing new features, optimizing existing functionalities, and ensuring adherence to best practices in development.
    • Security is Paramount: We’re deeply involved in strengthening the platform’s security infrastructure, protecting sensitive citizen data with cutting-edge technologies and encryption methods. We also stay vigilant against emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities, proactively implementing countermeasures.
    • Scalability for the Future: As the service grows in popularity, OPUS is building a platform that can handle increasing user load and data volume seamlessly. This involves anticipating future needs and implementing scalable architecture and solutions.


User Experience – Ensuring Convenience for All:

    • Citizen-Centric Design: OPUS is actively refining the user interface and user experience for the citizen portal, making it intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly for all demographics, even those with limited technological experience. This could involve multilingual support, simplified workflows, and clear instructions.
    • Empowering Police Officers: We’re not just focusing on citizens, but also ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for police officers using the platform. This includes developing user-friendly dashboards, streamlining data access and analysis tools, and providing training on efficient case management through the platform.


Data Analysis & Insights – Turning Information into Actionable Intelligence:

    • Going Beyond Numbers: OPUS is not just crunching numbers, but collaborating with the police to glean valuable insights from the data collected. This involves identifying crime hotspots, analyzing trends in specific types of incidents, and predicting potential crime patterns.
    • Data-Driven Resource Allocation: Based on our analysis, we can support the police in prioritizing resource allocation across different regions and types of incidents, ensuring optimal utilization of manpower and resources.
    • Proactive Crime Prevention: By analyzing data on past incidents and emerging trends, we can assist the police in developing targeted crime prevention strategies, potentially preventing future occurrences.


Capacity Building – Equipping Officers for Success:

    • Tailored Training Programs: We’re not offering generic training, but developing customized workshops and programs specifically designed for Bangladeshi police officers. This ensures they’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize the Online GD service for efficient case management and citizen interaction.
    • Ongoing Support: We understand that learning is a continuous process. We’re committed to providing ongoing support to police officers through readily available resources, FAQs, and troubleshooting assistance, ensuring they can confidently leverage the platform.



Impact and Achievements:

Since its launch, the Online GD service has witnessed remarkable success:

  • Over 1.5 million GDs have been filed online, showcasing citizen adoption and trust in the system.
  • Reduced waiting times and improved police response rates have been reported.
  • Increased transparency and accountability have been fostered through online reporting and tracking.



Looking Ahead:

We are committed to our ongoing collaboration with the Bangladesh Police to further refine and expand the Online GD service. Our future focus areas include:

  • Integration with other police services: Streamlining the platform to connect with other police initiatives for a more holistic approach.
  • Advanced data analytics: Utilizing data to predict crime patterns and deploy resources proactively.
  • Multilingual support: Making the service accessible to a wider range of citizens.

By working together, we believe the Online General Dairy (GD) service can become a cornerstone of citizen engagement and effective policing in Bangladesh. We are excited to contribute to this transformative journey and witness its positive impact on the lives of Bangladeshi citizens.

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