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Our Company “Opus Technology Limited” Real time gross settlement systems (RTGS) “WAVELET”

It is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable car parking Management ideal System for managing RTGS. It can be maintaining efficiently and reliably provides irrevocable clearing and settlement of financial transactions between Central Banks and Participants.Or in other word, Real time gross settlement systems (RTGS) are funds transfer systems where transfer of money takes place from one bank to another on a “real time” and on “gross” basis. Settlement in “real time” means payment transaction is not subjected to any waiting period.The transactions are settled as soon as they are processed. “Gross settlement” means the transaction is settled on one to one basis without bunching or netting with any other transaction. Once processed, payments are final and irrevocable.

Features of our WEVELET RTGS

“WEVELET”A modular component structure to meet individual country requirements allowing for flexibility in growth and expansion as needs arise

Final and irrevocable settlement of funds transfers continuously in real-time

Absolute control over access and processing flows of individual payments

Centrally located queuing of payments held awaiting availability of funds

Automatic gridlock resolution

Real-time monitoring, including- but not limited to ‐ messages, count and volumes of RTGS payments, actual and projected positions, account balances for both the RTGS operator and participating institutions


Brands we work with

Opus will provide “WEVELET” solutions for companies in all scales that acquire our solutions for their organization. We can install the real time gross settlement systems for individual organizations for taking into consideration for various factors related to that specific organization. Opus is proud to be partners with some of the largest and prestigious vendors in the field of security and business management systems that create unique quality products trusted by client’s worldwide .Our counterfeit proof solutions help in creating a smooth real time gross settlement Solutions that works efficiently and effectively in all conditions and markets around the world.