About opus vat automation system (Ovas)

Opus Technology Limited has been developed“OVAS” vat management software as per VAT Acts of National Board of Revenue of the Government of Bangladesh. 

OVAS process VAT through Purchase and Sales transaction of raw materials and finish goods. This is not only applicable for manufacturing, trading and Service types of organization but also included small organizations. Input &Output Coefficient can be generated from OVAS which make the VAT departments’ people life easy by covering all of VAT requirements in compliance with the guidelines of National Board of Revenue (NBR) in Bangladesh. The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has approved OVAS to be used as VAT software solution in Bangladesh.

NBR Enlisted Software Firm

Opus Technology Limited become the most important ERP maker company in Bangladesh, become NBR enlisted software Firm to serve the vat management software to the enterprise in the country.

Industry Coverage Sector

OVAS VAT Management software is a new version software in Bangladesh,
can cover the below sector for maintaining VAT payments in Bangladesh

Features of OVAS VAT Management Software

OVAS technical features