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SMS Marketing

Newspaper advertisements are a thing of the past, television ads are no longer beneficial for companies and email marketing has proved to be useless. The new age advertising campaigns are run on mobiles and this is evident from mobile users getting plenty of marketing messages every day. SMS marketing has taken the world of advertising to its zenith where companies can establish direct contact with their customers. Modern age customers want to stay updated about the new products, services and discount offers hence they have no objection in receiving advertising messages. Marketing is central to every business and there can’t be any effective and cost effective advertising strategy than mobile advertising.

For SMS marketing, a company needs to join with a SMS service provider. Mobile advertising is like any other advertising and there are ad agencies that offer mobile advertising packages. Companies can look for reliable service providers and buy mobile advertising packages from the service providers. Another thing that the companies need to do to help their mobile marketers is the companies should provide them the mobile numbers for sending promotional messages. In short, a company should have contact details of its consumers and people who want to become its consumers.

SMS marketing starts with writing a compelling a short 160 character marketing message that contain every detail about the product or service to be promoted. Writing a promotional message is no easy task and companies should make sure that their promotional messages match with their businesses. It is the promotional message that decides whether a mobile marketing campaign would be a hit or a miss. The users will delete ambiguous message after reading a first few words. An ideal promotional message is one that interests users and force them to reply the message. Another thing that plays a crucial role in success of a mobile advertising campaign is the selection of mobile numbers.

A real estate firm should target home buyers and sellers. If a real estate firm is sending promotional messages to students then it is only wasting its time and money. Ideally business should keep a database of the contact details of their customers to whom they can send promotional messages. SMS marketing can bring fortune to the companies that are facing hard times due to recession. But there are no worries as recession is over and people are ready to invest in new products and services.