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Our Company “Opus Technology Limited” Restaurant Management System “SMARTCAFE”. It is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Restaurant Management System for managing any kind of Restaurant

A restaurant management system is POS software designed for the foodservice industry. Like a standard POS system, restaurant management system helps you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently. A setup may include both software and hardware, too, like the cash register, barcode scanner, and receipt printer.

Features of our SMARTCAFE Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Name, Address, Contact No, Email ID, Service Tax No, TIN No, Logo / Image and All Information & Image Create, Manage & Update


Automatic Id generate, Name, Address, City, Contact No, Email, Mobile number, Note, All information – Add, Edit, Delete & Update and Show all Customer list

Currency Settings

Create Currency, Manage Currency and Update Currency

User management System

User Registration ( Details ), User Type ( ex; admin, staff, manager etc ), Password Recovery System, Change Password System and Login Details

Item / Product

Item Name, Item Price, Item Category and All Item’s Information (Add, Edit, Delete, Update)


All sales / Invoices report, Sales By Customer report, Customer Report, Date wise sales report, Date wise customer payment report and Items / Product report

Invoice / Bill

Invoice No (Auto generate), Invoice Date, Customer Details (Select wise), Product / Item name, Unit Price, Search by product name, Quantity, Total Amount ( Auto calculate ), Add To Cart System, Sub Total, VAT, Discount, Grand Total, Total Payment ( Auto calculate ), Change Money, Remarks / Note, Save / Print Invoice, Invoice Save / Export ( pdf or others), Invoice Edit, Delete, Update, Search all invoice date / customer wise and All Invoice export to excel.


Support Multiple PC, Secure Database System ( Backup & Restore ), Notepad Attached, Word pad Attached, Calculator Attached, Task Manager Attached and MS Word Attached

Brands we work with

Opus will provide solutions for companies in all scales that acquire our solutions for their restaurants. We can install the tailor made Management System for individual restaurants for taking into consideration for various factors related to that specific services. Our counterfeit proof solutions help in creating a smooth restaurant Management Solutions that works efficiently and effectively in all conditions and markets around the world.