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Loan Management System

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“SMARTCAFE” Restaurant Management System for Commercials:

Our Company “Opus Technology Limited” Restaurant Management System “SMARTCAFE”.. It is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Restaurant Management System for managing any kind of Restaurant.
A restaurant management system is POS software designed for the foodservice industry. Like a standard POS system, restaurant management system helps you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently. A setup may include both software and hardware, too, like the cash register, barcode scanner, and receipt printer.

Features of our “SMARTCAFE” Restaurant Management System


• Restaurant Name
• Address, Contact No, Email ID
• Service Tax No
• TIN No
• Logo / Image
• All Information & Image Create, Manage & Update


• Automatic Id generate
• Name, Address, City
• Contact No, Email
• Mobile number, Note
• All information – Add, Edit, Delete & Update
• Show all Customer list


• Create Currency
• Manage Currency
• Update Currency


• User Registration ( Details )
• User Type ( ex; admin, staff, manager etc )
• Password Recovery System
• Change Password System
• Login Details


• Item Name
• Item Price
• Item Category
• All Item’s Information (Add, Edit, Delete, Update)


• Invoice No (Auto generate)
• Invoice Date
• Customer Details (Select wise)
• Product / Item name, Unit Price
• Search by product name
• Quantity
• Total Amount ( Auto calculate )
• Add To Cart System
• Sub Total, VAT, Discount
• Grand Total, Total Payment ( Auto calculate )
• Change Money, Remarks / Note
• Save / Print Invoice
• Invoice Save / Export ( pdf or others)
• Invoice Edit, Delete, Update, Search all invoice date / customer wise
• All Invoice export to excel


• All sales / Invoices report
• Sales By Customer report
• Customer Report
• Date wise sales report
• Date wise customer payment report
• Items / Product report


• Support Multiple PC
• Secure Database System ( Backup & Restore )
• Notepad Attached
• Word pad Attached
• Calculator Attached
• Task Manager Attached
• MS Word Attached

An Overview on the Development of “SMARTCAFE” Restaurant management system

Smart CAFÉ Restaurant Management System can Track sales down to each item as well as Generate financial statements fast and accurately. By this software, it provide also Better customer service and Efficient Staff Management, Better communication between the kitchen, waiting, and cashier and cost saving also.

Advantages of our “SMARTCAFE” Restaurant management system

1. Track sales down to each item - All transactions are captured by the system, including orders, payments, voids, promo deals, and expenses, so your sales data is accurate and spot on to the last item. Revenues, therefore, are accurately giving you the real health of your operation. Most systems have a built-in alert that notifies you of variances, for example, the gap between stock level and order volume at end of the day; or unauthorized order voids. Alerts are typically sent via email or phone or can be viewed from a dashboard. Sales data can also be broken down into various categories that make sense to you, such as by bestselling item ranking, customer names or cash vs. card payment rate.

2. Generate financial statements fast and accurately - Where transactions are captured digitally, manual errors are avoided. For example, each transaction is time-stamped and the recorded with other details such as sold items and the employee’s name who performed the transaction. Sales data is also synced with inventory and CRM (for customer data) to update their records as well. With data consolidated in one place, the integrity of your financial reports is protected. Likewise, generating these reports is a matter of a few clicks, the system simply runs analytics on the queried data and display the KPIs at once using graphs and charts.

3. Better customer service - This is probably the best reason why use restaurant management system: make customers happy. Most restaurant management systems come with a CRM. This module records customer information like name, contact details, and transactions. With more knowledge of your customer’s likes, you can deliver a more satisfying service. You can build a mailing list, run campaigns that target their interest based on past orders or push deals that match their profile. The CRM typically comes with a loyalty program to help you reward your regular clientele.

Similarly, advanced features like online booking, mobile payments, and kiosk POS make it convenient for customers to place orders and transact business with you. Similarly, the use of iPad or Android tablet makes tableside order taking fast to the delight of customers. Some restaurant management systems also give you the option to hook to a shared delivery network service so you can reach eager customers outside the neighborhood. Overall, the restaurant management system helps you run a restaurant business more efficiently to the satisfaction of your customers.

4. Access data wherever - Most restaurant management software today is cloud-hosted, which lets you access the system and your data from a web browser. You get real-time sales transactions and track employee performance even on the go. That means you can be a hands-on manager while out of the restaurant premises. Remote data access is also useful when presenting to a client or investor; you can showcase updated reports on your business.

Distinctive of our “SMARTCAFE”Restaurant Management System

Efficient Staff Management - A restaurant management system with an employee scheduler will help you allocate more staff during peak hours and less on downtime. By aggregating sales data with staff schedule; user can match demand with supply and ensure your resources are optimized, neither over- or under-utilized. Moreover, many systems allow employees to plot their schedule where everybody sees the available and taken slots. This feature avoids the conflict of schedule or nonappearance. It is also useful if you’re managing shared waiting staff to fill in during peak hours; you can let your staff manage their own schedule, relieving you of a time-consuming, non-earning task.

Better communication between the kitchen, waiting, and cashier - Smart CAFÉ can make a good communication through software with the kitchen, waiting customer and cashier.

Cost savings - There are many areas where you can squeeze out savings. With a better-managed employee schedule and inventory, you cut losses to your daily operations. Likewise, variances are avoided or at least significantly reduced, adding more savings to your budget. Some vendors also hook you to an online marketplace and delivery service network, so you can scale operations minus the overheads that come with expansion. New restaurants grappling with marginal profits can cut down on losses by simply running their operations more efficiently.


The simple reason for purchasing an integrated “SMART CAFE” solution is the elimination of double input between the two systems. If you are going to use two separate systems for payroll and HR, during your evaluation, make sure that these two systems will speak with each other in some fashion. You may love the existing process of Restaurant you work with but if it becomes necessary to change than, you may have to change your Restaurant application, as well, to a less desirable system.

Which Brand We Work With?

Opus will provide solutions for Restaurant in all scales that acquire our solutions for their organization. We can install the tailor made Restaurant Management system for individual organizations for taking into consideration for various factors related to that specific organization. .Our counterfeit proof solutions help in creating a smooth Restaurant Management Solutions that works efficiently and effectively in all conditions and markets around the world.


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