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Reengineering & Migration In an ever-changing business environment, every technology is likely to become obsolete sooner or later as more advanced technologies become available. Reengineering and migration enable business enterprises to move ahead of old company legacy systems and leverage on the benefits of state-of-the-art technologies.

Challenges: Transition inevitable

Flexibility in the business world is much more than the implementation of advanced technologies or the integration of applications and databases with a Web interface. The transition from an existing system to a new system is a demanding and challenging process. Not only does it imply the convergence of technologies or streamlining of business functions, but also ensures that the synergy enhances the scope for overall growth and progress.


MIND consistently endeavors to help its clients by positioning a new information system as a strategic enabler for the overall growth of an enterprise. We ensure that the migration of technology is not merely a derivative of increasing business needs, but takes place as a measure to enable value addition. The amalgamation of latest technologies and our comprehensive domain knowledge encourages clients to make a difference through superior business performance.
We re-invent your business solutions through.

1.Evaluation of existing software status

2.Identification of technology that best suits your business

3.Need-gap analysis and formulation of appropriate strategies

4.Deveeloping & Testing

5.Deployment of new technology

How re-engineering and migration facilitate the growth of your business

MIND aptly takes advantage of its human assets with a proven track record and experience in cutting-edge software systems. We have never attempted to offer “readymade” solutions to our clients, but have instead altered our offerings to best fit into their value chain. The transformation of legacy and software systems encourages our affiliates to make the most through re-engineering services.

The benefits of our migration and re-engineering services include

1.Elimination of system bottlenecks associated with business performance

2.Increased scalability in tandem with the needs of your enterprise

3.Ensuring complete utilization of resources

4.Superior integration capabilities and improved access to sophisticated data

5.Enhanced user interface enabling improved functionalities and workflow management

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