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Process Consultant Part of the field called Human Systems Intervention, process consultation is a philosophy of helping, a general theory and methodology of intervening (Schein, Process Consultations, 1992 revisited).

A process consultant is a highly qualified professional that has insights into and understands the psychosocial dynamics of working with various client systems such as whole organizations, groups, and individuals.

Given the complex nature of intervening, a process consultant's expertise includes the following (and many other) aspects: a) works concomitantly with groups and individuals (managers/directors) towards a larger change process such as strategic visioning, strategic planning, etc. b) based on the context, selects from a variety of methods, tools and change theories a 'facilitative intervention' that will most benefit the client system; c) stays aware of covert organizational processes, group dynamics, and interpersonal issues

What we Do :

1.Process Documentation

“Our processes are changing all the time. It’s hard to keep track. We made a big effort to map things out. But the results weren’t comprehensive and it is already out of date. We need a Process Consultant to help document our processes and make them accessible to everyone in the team.”

2.Process Mapping

“We know that mapping our processes will clarify where we need to make improvements. Achieving enthusiastic team cooperation in the process map creating process and creating effective workflow diagrams is proving a challenge.”

3.Unstrictured Process

“We have tried BPM and it worked in some cases. But there are some processes where it breaks down. There are so many exceptions and variations. And half the time we spend doing things that just come up for which there is no established process map anyway.”

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