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vendor management system

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Winkel (POS)

"Point of Sale"System for Corporate Office, Commercial and Manufacturing or service industry.

Our company “Opus Technology Limited” provides Point of Sale (POS) very simplest, a Point of Sale (POS) System that is an upgraded version of the traditional cash register. A POS System generally includes the following components: POS software, computer, monitor, credit card reader, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer. It performs all of the same functions of a cash register, but doesn’t stop there. What truly stands out about a POS System is the work it does during and after the transaction. After updating inventory changes in real time and capturing customer information, a POS System really shines in its ability to contribute to the overall efficiency of a retail store. The point of sale (POS) system is the place where your customer executes the payment for goods or services bought from your company

Features of our Point of Sale (POS) System

Cloud Hybrid System

Run your POS system both online and offline. The system can be independent of web access and data is auto-synced upon re-connection.

Suspend Sale

The ‘Suspend Sale’ option is reserved for sales that day. If a customer is checking out and they forget something, or have to run to their car, or step out of line, you can suspend the sale in the background and then reopen it later.


Create returns with ease, option to print receipts with a scanable barcode to speed up the process!

Speedy Product Lookup

Query products by name or code, scan barcodes, or select items from inventory list to add them to the transaction.

X Report and Z Report

View registers totals with a breakdown of payment type at the POS with real-time data! Real-time updating means administrators viewing current numbers from anywhere at anytime!

Integrated Payments

Our PCI compliant solution provides secure payment processing X-reports by card type, electronic signature capture, and PIN debit. USB plug & play hardware as well as mobile swiper option for iPad!

Advantages of our Point of Sale (POS) System

Any respectable Point of Sale (POS) System will update a retailer’s inventory in real-time. The benefit here is the ability to monitor stock inventory over time, enabling the business owner to optimize their future purchasing decisions. However, the very best POS Systems also have the added ability to connect with customers through integrated email marketing, and the use of built-in customer loyalty programs and customer gift cards, three proven methods of increasing customer purchases and retention. The amount of work an effective POS System does for you is invaluable – it offers a comprehensive and efficient method of running your business that frees up your time for more important tasks. For more POS System benefits, be sure to check out our blog post on the subject.

The process of recording the exchange of currency for a product has come a long way. We’d like to think that the POS System is the pinnacle of that evolution. We’ve seen it help retailers time and time again in managing and improving their businesses and their bottom line. Maybe one day you’ll try one out.

Distinctive features of our Point of Sale (POS) System


1. Fast checkout
A retail POS software should be able to simplify the checkout process. This means that it should not take the sales team’s much manual effort to complete a transaction. If there is still a manual process that the team has to go through, then the POS software needs a replacement.

2. Inventory tracking
A POS should also serve as a good inventory management software and make the process effortless. One should be able to monitor all the critical information about the store from individual transactions to purchases. This will make the ordering easy from vendors & the inventory manager would not waste time calculating the re-order level.

3. Customer Data
A good POS can help convert the data on customer’s profile into information. It should abolish the need for a CRM software for your organization. As a use case, it will let the purchasing team know what products the customers buy more frequently and thus the team can place orders accordingly. The data can also help the customer relation team build an effective loyalty program, which can increase sales in the long term.

4. Automated Purchasing Program
A good POS allows the business to have a streamlined process of connecting with suppliers. For example, if the retail outlet is running low on a critical product, with the help of an automated Purchasing Program, the POS can easily get connected with the suppliers in no time and place the order for the required quantity. It as an e-procurement system for your organization.

5. Capabilities for multiple location / Mobility
A good POS should also offer online access which helps you stay connected with the business from anywhere remotely. It is a convenient feature for franchises and business having more than one location.

6. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Agreement6
It is one of the most important features which can help the business build trust with its customers as it will protect customers’ credit card details. An organization may face legal issues if the POS does not have this feature.

7. Reporting tools
Every retail POS should have a reporting feature which is user-friendly. It should store information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales and hourly transactions.

8. Real-time X-report

With Point of Sale Software, You can view registers total with a breakdown of payment type with real-time data! Real-time updating means anywhere at any time the administrators can view the current numbers.

9. Digital Signage
This feature helps to generate additional revenue by selling advertisements to vendors or suppliers. It also promotes feature sales, impulse merchandise, cross-sells products. Deliver messages to enterprise-wide or target specific audiences in key locations. Display advertisements on LCD pole displays, full-size LCD displays, and pin pads.

10. Shipping Integration
The Point of sale helps to ship products to customers with different services. Shipping module communicates directly with shipping carriers to get real-time shipping quotes. It applies shipping methods, and print out shipping labels right at your register. Customers receipt prints out with tracking details.


A Point of Sale (POS) can create a good controlled for a business premises with a smart solution that is able to monitor the vendor in the premises without much human interference. This management system has many characteristics making this system a success and a positive investment. A finely designed and customized management system can provide solutions and capable of evaluating the business overall supply chain requirements and advice the user for their best fit solution

Which Brand We Work With?

Opus will provide Point of Sale (POS) solutions for companies in all scales that acquire our solutions for their organization. We can install the tailor made vendor management system for individual organizations for taking into consideration for various factors related to that specific organization. Opus is proud to be partners with some of the largest and prestigious vendors in the field of security and business management systems that create unique quality products trusted by client’s worldwide .Our counterfeit proof solutions help in creating a smooth vendor Management Solutions that works efficiently and effectively in all conditions and markets around the world.

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