Faster Approvals, Better Decisions with FLUX: An Approval Management System

The “FLUX” Workflow Approval Management System allows business users to configure the conditions for routing and approval. Through the Unity interface (versus the administrative intense Configuration interface), a business user can alter the users, the rules, the values and the conditions for document and transaction approvals. This helps put the logic into the business users hands and frees up the system administrator from these types of logic tasks.

Features of our Approval Management System

Automate Business

Streamline your business processes by automating approval workflows. With the FLUX Workflow Approval Management module, you can define rules and conditions for routing and approval, reducing manual intervention and ensuring efficient handling of documents and transactions.

Automate Business

Empower your business users to take charge of approval processes. Through the user-friendly Unity interface, non-technical users can easily customize users, rules, values, and conditions, enabling them to shape workflows according to changing business needs

Configure Your Workflows

Tailor approval workflows to align with your unique business requirements. FLUX allows you to flexibly design workflows, adjusting approval stages, participants, and decision criteria, ensuring that processes reflect the specific demands of your organization.

User Management

Manage users and their roles effortlessly. You can efficiently assign permissions and access levels, ensuring the right individuals are involved in approval processes while maintaining security and compliance.

File Storage Made Easy

Simplify document and transaction management. The FLUX module provides a seamless way to attach and store necessary files within approval workflows, enhancing accessibility, organization, and collaboration among stakeholders.

Management Information

Gain insights into your approval processes for better decision-making. Our system offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to track approval timelines, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency.

Advantages of FLUX: Approval Management System

Operational efficiency

Data Integrity and Security

Document Management

Robust and scalable solution


Agility & Integration

Improved Customer Experience

Data Security

24X7 access to all your employees

Better Collaboration

Analytics integration

All-In-One Approval Management Software

Our comprehensive approval software offers all the tools necessary to effectively handle a wide range of approval requests, spanning from check approvals to leave of absence requests. Below is a selection of the approval processes that our clients have successfully built using Integrify.

  • Capital Expense Approvals
  • Leave of Absence Approvals
  • Document Approvals
  • Contract Review Approvals
  • IT Project Requests
  • Pricing Discount Requests
  • New Hire Requests
  • Logo and Branding Approvals
  • New Product Requests


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