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Our Fintech Products

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Digital Banking Solution

Embrace the future of banking with ASPER Digital Banking Solution.

Core Banking Solution

ASPER Core Banking Solution redefines banking technology.

Lean Core Middlewere

Unlock agility in banking with ASPER Lean Core Middleware Solution.

Real Time Gross Settlement System

Wavelet is an integrated, flexible, and affordable financial transaction management system designed specifically for Real-Time

Loan Origination System

Lightbox Loan Origination System (LOS) is a software platform that financial institutions employ to automate

HARMONY - e-KYC Solution

Simplify your customer onboarding with harmony, the ultimate e-KYC Solution.

CREDIT GENIE - Credit Rating Solution

Transform your credit rating process with CREDIT GENIE. Our cutting-edge solution

FingerPrint Verification Solution

Transform your banking experience into an effortless adventure of precision and security.


Revolutionize your financial security with AML DEFENDER – the Anti-Money Laundering Solution by OPUS.

Islamic Digital Banking Solution

Transform your Islamic banking experience with ARISH Islamic Digital Banking Solution.

Islamic Core Banking Solution

ARISH Islamic Core Banking Solution brings you the best of technology aligned with Sharia compliance.

Islamic Lean Core Middleware Solution

Streamline your Islamic banking operations with ARISH Islamic Lean Core Middleware Solution.

Microfinance Banking System

A complete end‐to‐end, scalable and pre‐configured core microfinance system that allows you to deliver exceptional microfinance services

Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution

HASHIR revolutionizes Islamic microfinance with a solution that aligns with Sharia principles. Our comprehensive platform supports ethical banking practice