TOTA is a hospital management chatbot and virtual assistant that can be deployed on a hospital’s messaging, mobile and the web platforms. This tool is built with industry-specific knowledge to help customers for Appointments, Promotion and Tips, Notifications, Doctors and Health Information.

Engaging with people is a major challenge that healthcare organizations are grappling with today. There is a growing need of personalized care and handling customer concerns in an effiective and timely manner. Chatbots are the perfect solution for these issues and can really change the overall experience of healthcare for both patients and doctors.

Chatbots can not only help in cutting down costs but also lower wait times. They can help personalize patient care and also improve patient loyalty and retention. Well-programmed bots can be made available round the clock to patients and provide them with all kinds of health support including prescription refills, medication advice, test results and scheduling an appointment.

The idea is to provide a single point contact to the patient and his relatives to get all their queries resolved and for the hospital to focus on their major tasks and not lose focus on non-primary activities.