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Software Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Opus offers a full range of software QA testing services. We can support your existing QA efforts or provide a complete turnkey solution. We offer a full range of QA and certification services to sponsor partners that are both cost-efficient and enable faster speed-to-market.


Opus’s has over 5 years in the software industry and can provide the tools, staff and speed you need to get your application launched quickly and safely.



Software QA Testing Services: 

Acceptance Testing

Background Testing

Black Box Testing (input/output driven testing)

Bottom up Testing

Boundary Testing

Build Acceptance Testing

Combination Testing

Configuration/Platform Testing

Cursory Testing

Documentation Testing

Environment Testing

Failure Analysis Testing

Full Product Testing

Functionality Testing

Installation Testing

International Functional Testing

Language Accuracy Testing (Translation Testing)

Load Testing

Loop Testing

Memory Testing

Multi-User Simultaneous Access Testing

"Out of Box" Testing

Performance Testing

Prototype Testing

Recovery Testing

Regression Testing

Reliability Testing

Security Testing